Ladan Gold Omega Saffron

Semi solid oils are suitable for cooking all sorts of Iranian foods. These oils are free from cholesterol and trans fatty acids. They have higher heat resistance in comparison to liquid ones which enables them to be destroyed later in the foods to be cooked in high temperatures. Semi solid oils have a longer shelf life than liquid oils. The saffron taste in the Golden Saffron Ladan Oil gives your food an exceptional taste and fragrant, so in cooking the dishes with saffron as a necessary ingredient, you can use Golden Ladan.


Containing vitamins A, E and D

Being free from trans fatty acids

Being free from cholesterol

Having the pleasant taste and smell of saffron

Being properly packed in order to prevent corruption

Being suitable for all sorts of cooking

Containing necessary fatty acids

High food value

High heat resistance

Being suitable for baking home-made cakes, cookies and sweets