– drained rice: 6 measuring cups

– green beans: 500 grs

– veal: 400 grs

– onion: 1

– tomato paste: 1.4 measuring cup

– turmeric: 1 teaspoon

– cinnamon powder: 1 teaspoon

– curry powder: 1 teaspoon

– brewed saffron: 2 tablespoons

– liquid oil

– salt & black pepper



After the green beans are rinsed and the ends of them are cut, cut them pieces as you wish and sauté with Ladan oil in a pan until they look quite golden.

Fry the chopped onion in liquid oil in a pan until it looks golden. Then cut the veal into stew size (cubes of 1‰۱ cm) and sauté with the onion till the color of the veal changes. Add turmeric, curry, salt and black pepper and sauté slightly. Add some tomato paste and sauté it so that it loses the raw smell of it. Add the sautéed green beans with some water and remove the pan from the stove.

Now, pour some liquid oil in the saucepan and place some pieces of bread or slices of potato on it. Pour half of the drained rice in the saucepan with half of the sauce of the green beans and veal on it. Scatter some brewed saffron and cinnamon powder on it and pour the rest of the sauce on it. Put the saucepan on the gentle heat and let it brew.

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