Stuffed chicken

Stuffed chicken


– chicken: 1

– barberry: 1.4 measuring cup

– fried chopped onion: 2 measuring cup

– soaked black plum: 150 grs

– crushed garlic: 5 cloves

– pomegranate paste: 1.3 measuring cup

– half-crushed walnut: 1 measuring cup

– butter: 50 grs

– almond zest: 1.2 measuring cup

– brewed saffron: 4 tablespoons

– dried apricots (Gheysi): 200 grs

– cinnamon sticks: 2

– soaked prunes: 150 grs

– curry powder: 1 tablespoon

– potatoes: 2 big ones

– orange zest: 2 tablespoons

– salt & black pepper


Sauté half of the fried chopped onion with some butter, crushed garlic, salt, pepper and curry in a saucepan. Add half-crushed walnut, almonds zest, soaked black plum, chopped dried apricot, half of the brewed saffron, pomegranate paste, cinnamon sticks, barberry and orange zest. After this sauce is sautéed, remove the saucepan from heat, and stuff the chicken with the sauce and sew the belly of the chicken with a thread. Cover the bottom of the oven pan with potato slices and put the chicken on them. Then melt the rest of the butter and saffron and rub it on the chicken. Put the oven pan in the oven with 160 degrees centigrade for 2 or 3 hours. Repeat rubbing the mixture of butter and saffron on the chicken for several times while it is roasting. When the stuffed chicken is ready, serve it with rice.

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