Vitaminized Canola Ladan

Compared with olive, soy and cottonseed oils, for instance, Canola oil contains less saturated fatty acids, which prevents the density of the bad cholesterol (LDL). This oil also contains high amounts of high monounsaturated acids causing it to have a higher smoke point in comparison with other liquid oils which makes it more suitable for cooking. Not only are there remarkable quantities of unsaturated fatty acids in this oil, but there is an appropriate balance between the fatty acids of omega-3 and omega-6 in it which cause the increase of good cholesterol (HDL) and decrease of bad cholesterol simultaneously.


* Decreasing the bad cholesterol

* Increasing the good cholesterol

* Richness in omega-3 and omega-6

* Containing vitamin A and E

* Being free from taste and smell

* Being suitable for making salads and cooking

* Having a composition of fatty acids, similar to those of olive oils

* High heat resistance

* Being filled under nitrogen in order to increase the maintenance time and prevent

rapid oxidation

* High food value

* Being free from cholesterol.